The following is a list of experts in the fields of whole food, chronic disease prevention and treatment, and healthy aging. Obviously there are experts everywhere you turn these days, but I’ve created this list based on each expert’s philosophy, current work, and renown. To be on this list, a person needs to share a philosophy with Whole Food Healing for Aging and their work needs to be backed by scientific evidence. The categories I’ve presented overlap and are presented for convenience only.

Medical Practitioners

In addition, the True Health Initiative Council includes over 400 world-renowned health experts, all committed to educating on only the time-honored, proven principles of lifestyle as medicine. Coalition members include physicians, scientists, nutritionists and authors from nearly 38 countries.




The list includes those experts I have made myself aware of. There are without doubt others who might, and indeed may, appear on this list. It should not be assumed to be exhaustive.

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